02391: Quirkier Writing

As I keep talking about my creative writing efforts and frustrations more and more these days (as opposed to actually writing creatively), I have received a fair amount of support and encouragement from friends, and that has helped a lot. While I know I have my own fears and writing-related anxiety to work through on my own, the kind words of friends means a lot.

One unexpected comment was related to a now-deleted Twitter Moment I had posted about, well, taking a shower. You see, Moments started on Twitter around the time I still had a second account and I ended up testing out the new curation feature there. But without a "good" topic to write about, I ended up posting a series of tweets related to my thoughts about showers. The discussion was person, at times technical, but also quite silly at times.

So it was surprising when a Twitter contact brought up this random thread as an example of writing of mine that he had enjoyed. To paraphrase, he felt like it was a scene in a story and he could totally imagine the character being bothered by singular shower knobs. It sounds weird without context, but the point is that the exchange felt like it belonged in a story somehow.

Maybe I just need to keep my stories more down to earth or something. Or try to capture the tone of those tweets in my writing somehow. But I don't want to go all David Sedaris. But maybe Mara Wilson could work haha.