02389: A Celebration of the Everyday

So were making our way through Samurai Gourmet, another Japanese TV series that Netflix is managing the international distribution rights for. Given how much we had enjoyed Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, Tobie and I had some fairly high expectations for this show. And thankfully it delivered pretty much from the opening sequence of the pilot.

There's something about the structure of these Japanese shows that resonates so well. Maybe we're just getting old and we've come to better appreciate seemingly simpler shows. But I'd like to think it's more about how Japanese culture has a knack for celebrating the littlest things. Most folks focus on minimalism in terms of possessions. But it's not just about reducing, but also about refining and focusing. Anything can be special when you look closely enough.

In both of these shows, they've shown knack for celebrating little moments of the human experience. I wonder if that's something that should become a focus for my own writing. Here I am struggling to think of an amazingly creative and original idea to base a story world on and perhaps it would make more sense to go smaller and narrower. There is some degree of elegance in finding ways to focus on such aspects of life after all.

I still feel pretty intimidated and scared to even begin thinking about writing. But I'll try to keep pushing myself. There must be a way forward.