02388: More Time at Home

Tobie and I bumped into some friends while we were at Greenbelt earlier and the conversation shifted to the usual invite to visit the new Sietch at BGC. Tobie and I went into the usual stories of how relieved we are to have significantly cut down our travel time. But really, it's a super big thing.

Today we stepped out to watch the Repertory Philippines staging of In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play. It took us less than 30 minutes to get from Sietch Vicis to Greenbelt 1 and a similar amount of time to get back home. Despite knowing this, I still found myself being surprised by how early it still was versus our old theater nights when Tobie would fall asleep shortly after getting home. The longer drives always had a way to taking a lot out of him.

The move does make me most happy about less stress for Tobie. He handles driving us to where we need to be across the city and I know it can be quite tiring to deal with Metro Manila traffic. To know that he's more rested and the fact that we have more time together before heading to bed are all great things indeed. Time is a most precious thing indeed.