02383: The Transformers Queue

I concede the fact that I buy a heck of a lot of Transformers. My love for the brand and my dedication to the Generations toyline feeds into my slightly obsessive need to collect and complete things. And thus I build up what I call a the Transformers Queue at home - this is the gathering of all the Transformers that I have not yet taken out of their boxes. They temporarily live in giant Toy Kingdom bags and shipping boxes all over the Sietch.

I'm not one of those collectors who obsess over keeping a figure mint in box nor am I indulgent enough to buy two copies of each figure in order to have one for play and one for display purposes. I love the toys and I will play with them and display the same figures out of box. But unboxing is a process that takes time given how I take photos of each figure and do my best to learn the transformation sequence and start to commit it to memory. I feel like I'd be a bad Transformers fan if I didn't know how to transform my own toys.

Every year my goal is to get all Transformers out of their boxes within the same calendar year. So people connected to my social media accounts should be familiar with the glut of Transformers photo album updates towards the end of the year. Last year was one of those times when I didn't manage to cover all the toys as I had deferred too many of them to the end of the year. But the preparations for the move had begun in December as well and so things have been on hold for a while.

But I think we're at a point when I can begin unboxing figures again. We still have some boxes of stuff to unpack but I think clearing the Transformers packages will help things indirectly. I just need to manage our shelving to make sure we still have space for everyone. Fingers crossed.