02380: When We Don't Understand New Malls

Given Metromart does not have actual grocery delivery options at the moment, Tobie and I had to make an excursion to restock the Sietch on certain consumables. Since we were still a bit hung over from O Bar last night, we figured we might as well try out Uptown Mall on the other side of BGC to address the need for brunch and for our grocery shopping.

The mall is yet another confusing Megaworld development with an effort to create all these organic shapes and curves but resulting in confusing alleys and an escalator layout that doesn't always make sense. I respect the effort to avoid the traditional blocky shapes of older buildings, but there has to be a way to balance softer design with logical traffic flow for people.

Plus it's one of malls that don't quite cater to our needs. To be fair, most malls feel this way as we aren't exactly typical consumers. We largely don't care about most fashion brands and a lot of the quirkier restaurants rarely seem to satisfy us or make us feel like the heftier price tag per plate is worth the meal. Today's experience at The Backyard Kitchen + Brew, which was one of those hipstery slightly farm-to-table restaurants which fancy descriptions of their dishes but with a lack of general flavors. It's sad that there seem to be so many restaurants like this.

No wonder we prefer to eat at home or with friends or only ordering from select restaurants that we already know that we like. We experiment from time to time but this normally results in us spending too much money for so-so food.

I guess we're really not mall people in this regard. Or a good mall features one of the few restaurants we like and has stores that appeal to our geekier interests like book stores, toy stores and comic book stores.