0237C: Getting Back on the Gym Horse

We've been living in BGC for a good two months now and we haven't made use of the facilities at the condo. There's a decent enough pool and quaint little gym and we've only visited them once during our initial oculars and that's about it. Tobie and I have talked about the need to work it into our routine but we've yet to get around to it. Month 1 was focused on getting all of our stuff moved and Month 2 has been mostly about unpacking things.

But as Month 3 begins I'm reminded that we haven't really acted on things just yet. And while I have taken to walking home from work on most evenings, that's hardly regular aerobic levels of activity. I know I need to do more to support our efforts of eating more reasonable portions but one thing leads to another and we just don't. I even bought new gym shorts to use for working out since I literally don't have decent workout gear. I could probably do with shoes more suited to gym work, but this may also be just another excuse not to begin.

So I blog about it to remind myself to try to do something. But we'll see what actually happens.


  1. Good luck! I hope you can make or find time, or problem solve that!


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