0237A: Learning New Games

Tobie is responsible for getting me into tabletop RPGs and for introducing me to the wonderful world of modern board games. And as much as I grew up with countless sessions of games like Monopoly and Clue, it still boggles the mind to consider just how many games are out there these days. And now we share a board game collection of over 200 sets including expansions and other add-ons.

Our love for tabletop gaming has us often trying to encourage friends and other folks to try out games. First we see if they'll do well with the board games we've come to enjoy. In time we determine if they might want to try an RPG to broaden their experience as well. And thus the cycle of meeting new people, having them play board games a few times and then getting them into a one-shot RPG. If we're lucky, they become regular participants in our gaming groups. Others tend to fall out somewhere in the cycle, because that's how life goes.

What's also fun is when regular gaming groups have their own board games and time together is spent to learn these new games so we can give them a shot. Thus we have great groups like The Finer Gaming Things Club that meets once a month to celebrate gaming and good food. In most game nights Tobie and I would be obligated to be the sole supplier of games. With groups like the FGTC, we only bring 1 or 2 games since the others always bring games of their own to contribute to the game night.

Tobie amazes me in this regard as he has an amazing ability to understand new game rules quicker that most. It takes a particular sort of thinking to be able to just dive into new rulesets like he does. What more to turn around and teach the rest of us how to play the game. And I swear, Tobie has wonderfully effective teaching manner when it comes to game, although he can get a little cranky if you're not paying attention. But I doubt we'd be able to get into as many games as we do were it not for Tobie's ability to break down games quickly enough.

As if I needed another reason  to live this man.