02379: The Magical Omelet Pan

So Tobie's aunt gave us this quirky-looking Japanese omelet pan some time back. We had no idea how to use it but there was the stress that it would make for great omelets. It sat idle for a while until Tobie finally did some online research into how it's used so that we could finally see what the whole fuss is about.

Now to be fair, neither Tobie nor I have been all that great with omelets. We tend to overload our stuff omelets with way too many ingredients and we typically end up either burning the edges to a crisp with raw bits in the middle or just breaking it all apart since we can never flip it cleanly. It's frustrating and thus more often than not I just pan scramble my eggs in what we used to call "Lola Aling style".

So Tobie's experiments with the pan have been pretty fantastic and while I cannot guarantee his creations are perfectly authentic Tamagoyaki, they end results are pretty delicious. This fact is true to the point that I keep forgetting to take photos of his omelets. Instead I'm always eager to just dig in and get to the egg as soon as possible and then I realize my mistake as I chew on my first bite. It's silly but that's just how much I've come to enjoy them.

So yeah, get yourself a Tamagoyaki pan. It's totally worth it.