02377: In the Kitchen

Now that we're more settled into Sietch Vicis, I'd like to think we're doing decently well in the cooking department. Sure, we have way more diverse Food Panda options here versus back at Cubao and it's easy to indulge, but for the most part I've been able to keep up some semblance of meal prep during the work week at least. I just have to be consistent enough to keep the meals coming even through the weekend.

I've moved away from cooking meals all at once given that we only really eat lunch at work so dinner is something we can still share at home. However what I do cook for dinner normally gets turned into future meal prep as well as I always make sure to cook more than needed. And thus I keep the chain going, as it were. I keep on cooking every other day so so and then I divide the rest into portioned meals for the future. It's becoming almost automatic now when I cook and I'm liking this cycle.

I do need to work on greater variety again. I've been sticking to a few consistent meals that are easy enough to prepare with the GoChef such as steamed dory or baked pork chops. Tobie has been able to roast chickens and he's had fun success with creating somewhat Japanese-style omelets with a new egg pan given to us by his aunt. He's still getting back into the grind of things and I do look forward to when he starts cooking his anchovy pasta again and create his various salads.

We just need to watch the eating out and the late-night delivery orders from time to time. Those indulgences are definitely not helping us lose any weight.