02373: Game Time

Saturday was board games and celebrating a birthday at O Bar. Sunday was hurried errands and 7th Sea tabletop gaming with friends. Monday will be a wedding.

Saturday was nice since we got to handle with a new friend for most of the day and then we partied at O Bar with other friends. Our night included fabulous drag performances celebrating the favorite artists of the birthday diva and some interesting table companions. Initially we shared our table with a literal beauty queen and later it was a brother and sister with a compelling personal story. You can really meet all sorts of people at O Bar.

Today I narrowly got our MetroMart grocery in time before Tobie got back from some family errands before picking us up to trek north for our 7th Sea game. We included a player from a connected chronicle for our game as a guest star although our characters didn't quite get a chance to interact with him fully. We still had a lot of fun though.

Tomorrow Tobie and I are making the trek to Cavite for my cousin's wedding. This represents the first big family event that I'll be bringing Tobie to. It may not seem like a big thing but I'm feeling a sense of nervousness as is it was a much bigger deal of a thing. I'm really happy that more of my family will get to meet him, although in recent years Tobie has had a few encounters with different branches at one time or another.

But yeah, this is still a pretty big deal for me and I'm excited, nervous, scared, anxious and thrilled about it all at the same time. Fingers and toes crossed!