02371: Friday Heralds the Weekend

It's finally Friday and another work week has come to an end. I'm sure we've all gotten a lot done although I personally feel like squeezing in a bit of work over the weekend just to get more of a head start on the next one. This is especially important as I expect to be out of the office on Monday.

We're meeting up with some of our newer gaming friends for yet another board game session. They live near enough to be invited more frequently - we actually had a few games last night despite it being a weeknight. Tomorrow should be a bit more chill as we meet up with a friend then hit O Baar later on for the birthday show of one of the O Divas. Sunday will be an RPG day. And then the week shall come around again.

Some pipe just burst tonight and now the building doesn't have water. There's some workaround they plan on implementing but for now things are terribly inconvenient. I hope things get resolved before guests arrive. This is proving to be a good test of the building's ability to respond to such unexpected difficulties. Fingers and toes crossed for now.

May you all have a good weekend ahead.