02333: Make the New Year Happy.

Things aren't as noisy this year compared to last year's New Year's Eve celebrations. If anything it seems that things have been getting quieter and quieter with each passing year, and I think that's a good thing. We could certainly do with less fireworks in our lives - especially for the average person not trained in the proper handling of such.

Plus fireworks + asthma = BLEH.

I've spent a better part of the day unboxing and photographing transformers purchased during the year and I totally won't finish before midnight. We have no Media Noche plans but we did order KFC, which was a treat in itself. With the new year comes the need to go back to dieting and portion control so we'll see how that goes. Or maybe I'll get lazy and just order Delicious Diet again or something.

I'd like to think that we still had more good things happen to us than bad this year. It's easy to dwell on the sad stuff or the things that made us upset - that's partly human nature. But when it comes to the happy stuff like the small victories and the everyday achievements? Yeah it gets easy to forget all that sort of stuff as we go through the hustle and bustle of daily life.

So may your new year be a happy one - or at least may you find it possible to think about all the great things that have happened this year. 2017 is full of potential at this point and I think what we bring to the table is more important than any external circustance. Make your year as great as you want it to be.