02331: Storage and Transport

Tobie and I have a lot of stuff - that kind of goes without saying. Over the past 7+ years Tobie and I have managed to celebrate our geekery through steadily growing our collection of books, comics, Transformers, board games, RPGs, and other collectibles. And with the prospect of a move on the horizon, we need to start thinking about how to move everything to the new place.

Getting rid of stuff is but one part of all this - we're obviously not good with letting go of things. The rest of the challenge we face is figuring out how to move what we do want to keep and how to store everything at the new place. Not all of our shelves are going to survive the journey so there's a lot to consider.

Following in the footsteps of my mom, I'm starting to map out getting more large plastic storage bins so we can use them to transport things over and they can also act as temporary storage until we get all of our ducks in a row. We had already set one aside for my Transformers since the collection is now too big to be displayed all at once. I foresee that we'll need a good number more bins to get the rest of them prepped for transport.

I'll also use the bins for some of the books as well, I expect. And for titles that I'm not likely to read anytime soon I may consider keeping them in the bins for a longer period of time.

But we're not quite in full moving mode yet. The owner of the unit is still out for the holidays so we're still waiting for the formal contract from our broker. I've told a few friends that I don't want to count on things until everything has been formally signed. So fingers crossed for now that no weird complications come into play at the last minute.