0232F: Family Time

I don't have work all of this week, which is a good thing since December is always a cluster of family-related events one after the other. A lot of birthdays take place around this time in addition to the Christmas and New Year's holidays so we have many reasons to come together and be happy.

And it's particularly nice that we're all in the same country this year. It's hit or miss at times and we sometimes all gather here or we end up going to Singapore to try and gather as a family. But we always find a way, even if it means delaying things a day sometimes. What's matter is that we do spend time together during this period and celebrate.

Funnily, this has also been the Christmas of fast food. Instead of preparing a big noche buena or eating at super fancy places, we've ended up eating at more conventional places. And this is more because the entire family has been on diets for some time now so even things like KFC feel like a super special treat that's perfect for the holidays. Then it'll be back to the usual stuff back in January - or at least that's the plan.