02328: Travel by Night to Preserve Moisture

"Be prepared to appreciate what you meet."
 - Fremen Proverb
(from Frank Herbert's Dune)

When we first moved in together, Tobie and I named our apartment Sietch Creare - a marriage of the Fremen term for a place of safety and the Latin term for creativity / to create something. At the time we needed a safe place to be ourselves and stop holding back from exploring new creative ventures. We've come a long way since then.

It looks like the Sietch, as a concept, may finally be moving to a new home if things come together nicely. We've initiated efforts with a broker to make an offer for a particular unit in BGC and we're already mapping out what we may end up selling off should things push through. It'll be a little smaller than our present space but then it'll also be a heck of a lot closer to work, so it has that in its favor. Naturally it'll cost more given the area, but on the whole I think the value of the commuting time that we'll get back will be a benefit in itself.

We have way too much crap to deal with though, so this move will require some planning, a lot of packing and a lot of throwing out stuff as well. It's quite exciting but also scary and also bittersweet. Cubao is still a nice place to live in for sure, but its distance from work and the terrible traffic situation in Metro Manila really makes this move a necessary one.

The use of the term Sietch as part of the "naming" of our apartment was a calculated one since the Fremen of Dune lore were a nomadic people and thus were prone to migrate from time to time. We always knew that sooner or later we'd need to move. It just took a bit longer than expected, which in itself is not a bad thing of course. Upwards and onwards.

Wish us luck!