02325: Celebratory O Bar Times

So despite yesterday's Christmas parties for both me and Tobie, we still ended up at O Bar since a friend mentioned he'd be going. We had no initial plans of going out since we were already committed to head to O Bar tonight for their 11th anniversary celebration. But when good friends as you to go, then you go despite holiday traffic and all that jazz.

O Bar is always as truly safe space for us and a very happy one at that. We've made so many friends there and Tobie and I genuinely enjoy bringing new friends (even straight ones) to see the O Bar experience for themselves. There's always that delight when they realize that O Bar has something truly special going on. Fair enough, not everyone gets it and they try to limit their view of the place as "just a bar" or something, but you can't please everyone.

I count myself very fortunate that Tobie introduced me to O Bar when we first started hanging out. It's been a great run so far and I cannot imagine going anywhere else when I need to unwind or go see a fabulous drag show. O Bar is family after all.