02324: The Christmas Party

During my 12 years in the call center industry, I didn't even attend half of our Christmas parties. Despite the grand venues, the usual giveaways and the promise of big prizes at the company raffle, the events felt way too big and impersonal in the later years and so it was hard to feel like it was really a party. I hardly new folks beyond the department heads that I interacted with regularly and so it usually felt like a gathering designed to make you feel lonely in a crowd.

At the first Hashtag Labs Christmas party, it was a small gathering which involved us ordering out and enjoying time together since there were only a handful of us here. This year we're a bigger team and we actually organized a big "international Christmas party" across the Manila and Singapore office including party games, a dress-up competition and group performances. Everyone went home a winner, but it was rather crazy awesome just how much effort people put into things and how creative some of the results were.

We have a great team and I super love them all. They're crazy but also passionate, brilliant and the reason every day at the office doesn't necessarily feel like work.

So yeah, I super loved today's Christmas party. I hope we never lose this spirit of fun and camaraderie as the company continues to grow and expand and all that jazz.