02321: Remembering

I bought a banana today, and bananas always remind me of Yoshi. He always went crazy for them when he was still well enough to eat so a lot of our happiest memories of him involved bananas. On the flip side, it was also a sign of how bad things were getting once he stopped wanting to eat them as his kidney-related anemia killed his appetite.

Today is also the death anniversary of a dear friend and part of me regrets still not having gone back to visit his grave ever since the burial. Then again, there's also that weird feeling of what would I do once there? What was there still left to say that I had not already said in the quiet moments when I'd feel his absence?

It's the little things that will always remind you of key moments in your life and that principle goes for all the good stuff and all the bad stuff, too. Time has a way of marking us and it feels like the human thing to do is to interpret such instances through feelings, memories and dreams or what have you.

It doesn't hurt as much as it used to but it will always hurt a little. But we continue moving forward and making the most of the time we have left to us.