0231F: The Finer Gaming Things Club

The past year's gaming calendar has included the regular inclusion of board game sessions with a group that jokingly calls itself as the Finer Gaming Things Club in honor of the similarly named Finer Things Club from The Office. The group is definitely one of the highlights of the year given so many weird shifts in our gaming circles and having something steady and reliable from month-to-month has made a world of difference. It's nice to game with like-minded folks who celebrate your participation instead of adding unnecessary drama into the mix of things.

The group is definitely a fun one given how our gatherings are a celebration of great games and good food. I think my only challenge is trying not to overeat or indulge during such game nights as the spread of food is significantly tempting, to say the least. And since everyone is very much passionate about the hobby, it also means that we get to try a lot of different games during these sessions beyond the ones we bring to contribute to the night's game line-up. The most recent example is the Labyrinth board game in the photo above, which is quite lovely but also rather challenging. Jareth keeps showing up!

With 2017 just around the corner, more and more it feels like our "theme" for our game sessions is investing more time with people who value our efforts and our participation. In the past we tried to reach out and put ourselves out there more but the results have been rather mixed. And given some significantly negative incidents this year and some people we've had to entirely disconnect from, it seems prudent to consolidate things a bit more, as it were. And the fun crew of the FGTC are definitely people we love to game with.