0231D: Stress-Relief Through Blogging

One of the reasons that I setup a personal blog so many, many, many years ago was to find stress relief through writing. Over the years I've repeatedly written about the odd sense of catharsis one feels when you put your problems into words, thus somehow making them feel more palpable, tangible and maybe even understandable or solvable over time. And the process has helped me get through some pretty tough and/or stressful periods of my life by writing about it. I don't even need to get all literal or specific about those challenges - but even in my sometimes vague terms I've managed to find a path forward.

These days I often find myself somewhat at a loss for what I should write about for my daily blog post since I either feel like nothing exceptionally interesting happened that day or that I don't exactly feel like writing about work. Some may argue that of course writing about work might feel weird since my work life involves family. But it's really not about that.

I'm actually really happy these days with my work life. I have a great amount of challenge to keep my mind running all cylinders on a day-to-day basis. My deadlines can be stressful but not unreasonably so. The team is crazy and funny but on the whole awesome and there's never a dull moment at the office. So yeah, there's a lot of be happy about. Some days are more tiring than others but for the most part I go to bed feeling like we accomplished a lot of good things.

So yeah this is obviously a great thing. My work life is good and while there's some more stress on the horizon due to a lot of changes we have in the pipeline, but for the most part I'm pretty excited and up to the challenge.