0231C: Working Holidays

Today was Taguig Day, and also a non-working holiday for the City of Taguig. And while we still had work, it didn't necessarily feel that way, which is kind of the crazy norm at work. Holidays do mean more pay, a little less traffic and sometimes other benefits like today's P50 Uber discount promotion for Taguig-related ideas.

Beyond the usual office antics that make each day uniquely memorable, after work we were treated to a boodle fight because a team mate's mom wanted to throw a dinner party for us or something. The reasons were never fully clear but we didn't see a reason to look a gift horse in the mouth. Plus folks had already gotten to try her mom's cooking because of office lunches so she already had a fan club.

Please note that this is not the official company Christmas party, although the spread was certainly worthy of being a great year-end event. We also chose to go through two rounds of our office exchange gift as people flying in and out in recent weeks delayed stuff. But it did add even more of a festive spirit to the dinner event.

What an unusual but super memorable holiday.