0231B: Two-Twenty-Nine

This is our fifth week on Delicious Diet and it continues to be a bit of a challenge. While to some degree our appetites have reduced a bit as our bodies adapt to the more controlled portions for most of the week, it doesn't mean we don't feel hungry. And some days the meal distribution just feels skewed or something so evenings become more difficult to get through. And some meals are just weird like I've yet to enjoy any of their pancakes because I guess they do something to make it seem healthier? Or maybe it's just a cooking method that allows the food to last longer given it has to be delivered all over the city.

But I'm happy to share that I finally cross the 230 lbs line, which means that I've lost at least 10 pounds since we got started on the program. I know the coming holiday season will be quite the struggle for our weight loss efforts but in the long term we'll be okay.

For the new year we hope to get a new oven and perhaps an electric steamer to make cooking easier. A bigger Crock Pot may be a good idea as well since the one we have now is a quaint little thing that unfortunately runs on 110V, thus making usage a pain since we only have one voltage regulator at home. I'm still pretty set on shifting our cooking efforts to healthier options and more reasonable portions, especially after the holiday bloat.

Whenever I feel hungry, I remind myself of the weight I've lost thus far or sometimes I actually go weight myself as a more vivid reminder. And then I try to push forward.

And then sometimes I snack.