02296: Good Singapore Eating

Beyond shopping, Singapore is known for its amazing range of food options and the past 24 hours have been pretty killer. As much as we have our staples and favorites, admittedly there's a lot of the island that I've yet to personally explore and so there's still a  lot of surprises to be experienced.

Last night's dinner was at Food R Us and we enjoyed a massive dinner with many, many dishes yet culminating with the super awesome Salted Egg Crab. And everything was good - it's just that the crab was almost life-changing. Had it not been for this particular dinner invite, I doubt we would have ever found this restaurant on our own.

Today the family ate at COCA, which puts together a great Thai-style steamboat spread that was a lot of fun to experience, too. It was hard to take better photos since we were too busy eating.  Needless to say, I think we eat our money's worth given the wide range of meats and veggies we got to enjoy.

Now I feel like we really need to make steamboat more of a thing when I get back home. It's a lot of fun and can be quite filling given a diverse enough arrangement of food.

And now I'm nursing my nth cup of coffee for the day in the hopes of breaking down a bit more of our massive dinner before heading to bed.