02294: Singapore Saturday Stream

Busy, busy Saturday.

Family arrived in Singapore this morning.

Big client event in the afternoon. So yes, we had work on the weekend, but social media never sleeps. And live event coverage can be pretty tricky, but we make the most of things.

Camera phones are admittedly awesome.

Now we're just chilling after a heavy take-out dinner. Indian food is delicious. It's a good thing that we've always been more of a stay-in family.

Sure, I mentioned that I haven't really left the office much during this trip in yesterday's blog post but that was not meant as a complaint. I look at my family and it totally explains why I don't get out much.

Tomorrow we have no immediate plans but I expect we'll arrange for meals again. I really want to make time to visit Kinokuniya though. And maybe finally get those Doc Martens I had mapped out getting sometime back. But we'll see - laziness may win out in the end. Plus the occasional rains really drag you down.