02293: Working in Place

So it's finally the weekend and I'm still sitting at the same spot at the main table where I've been working at for most of the week. It just goes to show I don't need much to be happy or even entertained. Most of what keeps me busy is related to my computer anyway.

This oddly calls to mind all those meme about the how the stereotypical introvert has to be or whatever. I know I'm an introvert and I don't feel bad about not going out or being with people. At the same time if I have to deal with people then I deal with them but I don't necessarily feel the whole social battery idea. If I had to think of things that way, then that would mean I'm drinking too much of the internet Kool-Aid.

Family is arriving in Singapore this weekend as an interesting confluence of events. This is still mainly a work trip for me  but then a little family time will make the weekend interesting at the very least. At the very least I'm sure we're going to spend a fair amount of time at the book store. Such fun.