02292: The Ever Needy Charlie

Charlie is an older labrador with needs. At least he thinks he has needs and so he whines and yelps for attention when he things such needs are unmet. This ranges from food, watching to go out or just wanting attention from his fur parents.

It's hard to get Charlie out of one of his spells and his whining gets louder and more insistent. Typical efforts to quiet him down including petting him, maintaining longer term physical contact like resting your legs on his nice warm body and other such reassuring actions. Sometimes it's a little cute for very short periods of time. As it drags on, it makes you wonder why some older labradors get this way.

But Charlie is still adorable and you can tell that he's really bonded to his humans and thus he has also become very dependent on them. I'm only ever in Singapore with him for limited days or weeks at a time so I only get a taste of the Charlie life. But you can tell that he is loved and he knows he is loved whenever he waddles over to his fur parents and gets his much-needed quality times.

Love him or leave him, Charlie really values that time. And it makes all the difference.