02291: Animals of the Singapore Office

One of the biggest perks of working out of our Singapore office is the fact that it's a pet friendly office with a good number of pets. We have a furry mix of dogs, cats and rabbits that make up the extended office team and so a stressful moment at work can be readily dispelled by hugging a dog or petting the cat that decides to use our computer as a warm bed.

Admittedly they are also cute and furry occupational hazards of a sort since you find yourself avoiding the odd spot of pee or poop or drool on your pant leg. You can be in the middle of typing up a proposal when a head pops into your lap and you stare down into those eyes pleading for attention. But these are minor things.

At least it doesn't make me feel sad or anything like that. A part of me was worried that I'd feel something along those lines but I've had no such spells. Work is work after all and I think it's fair to say that Tobie and I have mostly gotten over the worst of our sadness of Yoshi's passing.

This is also a bit of a reminder that no other dog will be Yoshi and that's okay.