02290: Rain in Singapore

Wow, it's like really raining today. And that feels like a rarity when it comes to Singapore.

I'm not claiming that it doesn't rain here at all. But in all the times that I've been here it tends to rain fiercely yet quickly so it's not all that much of an inconvenience. But now it has been raining for at least an hour - probably closer to 2 by the look of things. It's quite as fierce as rain can get during a typhoon at home, but it's definitely a significant downpour.

Even without the rain it's a bit of a rarity that I leave the office during such trips but the rain sort of makes it closer to a certainty. Sure I'll step out for meetings and such but for the most part I don't particularly like to go very far, especially without Tobie with me. So I'm more likely to stay glued to my computer waiting for Tobie to message or something along those lines. And now that I have Netflix, it's even easier since I have relatively ready access to entertainment for such rainy nights indoors.

And after a work day that felt longer than it actually was, I'm totally not in the mood to go anywhere. Adulting at its finest.