0228F: Work Magic

So today has been a busy day. And this is not out of the ordinary of course. Work day are always busy but I guess Singapore work days feel a bit busier. There's the fact that the slightly different latitude means that the sun sets about an hour later than what I'm used to in Manila and so I end up working longer. My years of call center life have had me taking for granted the impact on productivity that natural ambient light is.

Then there's the fact that no degree of online communication can ever replace an in-person meeting or being able to work side-by-side with a colleague. And this is despite me being a big Google Hangouts fan and how we're in an office that uses all these different communication tools all the time. Some things just make more sense in person and you end up setting aside your computer in order to whip out pen and paper to work through things.

I'm pretty sure that I wrote about this concept during one of my prior Singapore work trips, but it does feel especially true right now.

But it also feels freaky awesome at the end of the day. There's nothing quite like that sense of accomplished after getting through a busy work day like this.