0228E: Travel Stress

The process of getting from one country to another is never a simple one. There's a whole lot of queuing for this process and that one and then moving around just to get in line for another queue and more waiting and shuffling until the day is gone and you're beat. Not to mention there's the actual traveling, which can be draining for any number of reasons including uncomfortable seats, crying babies and of course turbulence. But such is the traveling life.

But seriously, when you plan a vacation, you probably shouldn't count your travel days as part of the actual relaxing, when you really think about it. The amount of stress and fatigue that builds up during travel totally take away from your vacation experience.

But this is not a vacation trip, as I had mentioned yesterday. This is a lengthier work trip and I'm just lucky that the workplace here in Singapore involves several cute and furry animals everywhere. Talk about office perks.

Let's see if I actually leave the office for extended periods of time though. I have a terrible tendency to just hunker down here and ride things out. And yet two weeks is still two weeks, so we shall see.