0228D: Last Gaming Day

So I leave for Singapore tomorrow, but I was certainly happy to squeeze in time for a last board game session with friends before my Singapore work trip tomorrow. I had a bunch of other plans for getting ready today but then by body decided that sleep was more important and so things got thrown out of whack. But I still managed to finish my other preparations and made it back home for the games.

This will be my longest work trip in a while with only my US trip 9 years ago beating it for obvious reasons. But then work involves family and this trip includes the rest of the family being in  Singapore around the same time so I guess that helps things along.

The only pain is that Tobie won't be joining me for this trip - and this year stands to be the only year where we didn't have any personal travel plans mainly because of Yoshi's condition dominating our life for the first half of the year. While there's theoretically time for us to pull a trip together at the last minute, in the end there's no real rush and we're trying to be smarter about our finances. But let's see how things will go.

Ironically, Tobie has a lot going on in his life while I'll be away, and it's a shame that I won't be around. He's been invited to speak at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) next week, right in the middle of my Singapore trip. Then there's the O Bar Black Party on the Saturday after that. The event involves a special unveiling that Tobie and I are involved in and again it's a little sad that I won't be there for that.

But there are a lot of exciting things on the work front as well so it's not like I'll be dreading the trip or anything like that. My times in Singapore are always good times. But yeah, having Tobie with me would be even better. In time, in time.