0228C: Sietch Second Screening

In the "traditional" sense, marketers understand the second screen experience to be when people use mobile devices while watching TV. I can be a distraction but a well-integrated experience can mean people being involved in mobile content about your TV show while it plays.

This not a blog post about that.

Some people like to work with the radio on in order to be able to listen to music. I tend to enjoy having a TV show or something playing in the background. At home we have our laptops around the dining table while we have something on the TV. Otherwise I now find myself using my phone to play this or that, especially ever since we signed up for Netflix and iFlix.

Man, I never thought I'd ever get into streaming this much, but here I am. And I'm pretty content with making the most of what content we have available to us in the Philippines since there are a lot of gems that turn out to be fun surprises in the content libraries.

To be fair, the really good shows we try to focus on more and watch without distraction. But there's still a lot of TV that's more just okay and so they make for perfect content to watch while blogging and such. At least that's how things work for us.