02289: It Takes A Village

The first team that  I officially handled as a supervisor consisted of about 20 people. A 1:20 team leader to agent support ratio probably wasn't all that ideal for a first foray into a professional leadership role in a corporate environment. I went on to handle a training department with less people but with stronger personalities. And then I got into a role where I didn't have to handle anyone for a limited period of time until  the need for managing people came back.

The early days of Hashtag Labs involved me handling a pretty small group. A year later that group has gotten a lot bigger and the team continues to grow. In my role I've worn many hats, but for the most part they were hats that I had worn before with a few other hats that I had to get used to. It's still a learning process, as is any job, but at least it's a fun and fulfilling experience.

But man, so many people. And we continue to grow the team still.

Good times.