02277: Entranced by Degustation

We've bene watching a lot of Chef's Table on Netflix as of late. The show features a chef from a different part of the world in every episode and goes over their unique approach to food and what drove them to take their cooking in this direction. And it's quite the delight to see them celebrate food in this manner and show such love for their ingredients.

Tobie and I are very humble home cooks who have not been cooking enough in recent months. We're still proud of what we come up with, but I'll admit that I always get crazy nervous when other people have a chance to try what I prepare. It's just the way of things - I feel like my flavor preferences might be a little niche and I'm just glad that Tobie likes what I prepare.

This show doesn't really drive one to be inspired to cook more. Instead, it makes you want to eat some really good food. And while I'll always feel that I'm more of an Anthony Bourdain at heart, it's hard not to feel curious about what the whole degustation dining experience might be like. I don't think we necessarily need a ridiculous number of courses to achieve that experience, but something that like would be interesting to try.

So now Tobie and I are considering trying to explore the local degustation scene provided we have the budget for it. I'd be happy to try such a restaurant maybe once every few months or so. And yes, I recognize that the local scene may not be as sophisticated as other countries like Singapore, but then will things get any better until we try to support those trying to elevate cooking here? We have to start somewhere.

We just need to figure out where to go first.