02275: Healthier Considerations

Tobie and I are not the healthiest of eaters. We enjoy good food and we enjoy eating together, so it's easy to feed of one another's energies in this respect. We have no major regrets in this area,  but given our shared weight gain over the years we do recognize that we need to rein things in a bit before we balloon to ridiculous proportions.

I keep talking about the need to cook more instead of ordering out, but real life keeps getting in the way. We end up feeling really tired when we finally get home and that can really become a barrier to cooking. And while we have the option to cook at my office, I don't exactly stop working precisely at the official end of the work day.

So either we hire someone to cook, we force cooking time (like mapping out once-a-week cooking over the weekend) or we consider one of those meal services during the week. All options have their pros and cons and respective costs to pay. Just have to commit. And I still want to figure out ways to cook more.

But I doubt we're going to go on some sort of a severe diet anytime soon, so that's not a final solution. I don't see myself joining a gym since that feels so weird to me and I dunno. I keep thinking about getting into yoga or something, but I have no idea where to begin and that doesn't help me motivation-wise right now.

But I have to do something. Maybe I should just get back into my old karate-do drills. At least that would be some form of activity thrown into the mix of things. A friend suggested I should try walking around BGC at least - something I do a lot less of against Pokemon isn't quite as fun anymore.

What to do? What to do first?