02274: At the Table Together

Whenever we have new guests who have never seen me and Tobie interact at home, there's that inevitable moment when I wonder what they think of us. Every couple interacts in different ways of course. But one can't help but feel a little defensive about that sort of thing. When you're at home you relax ad you are more yourself than when you're out.

The photo above more or less reflects our default view at  home. The two of us typically setup our computers on the dining table and we spend most of our shared time like this - busy  with our respective things while something is playing on TV. There are variations like eating with something on the TV or maybe even playing games on our dusty PS3 but ultimately this is it. And we can spend a lot of time in relative silence beyond the tapping of keys and whatever happens to be playing.

This is not the sign of a fight or even some sort of a problem with us. It's just how we are. And there's a nice sense of comfort working away on my computer but knowing that Tobie is right there beside me. We're more likely to interact  via social media by exchanging comments. Sometimes we even chat since it's faster to share links to interesting things that we found online that way. And that's how we are.

And it sort of extends to when we eat out, especially given how digitally enabled we are. Our meals often involve us reading stuff on our devices with the occasional statement exchanged. But it feels perfectly right. And it's not like we need our devices in front of us. We have meals without them and we just enjoy the moment. But other times, especially when the meal is more necessary to get past hunger instead of a celebration of a special restaurant, we're going to busy ourselves.

This all strikes me as an indicator of one of the unique rhythms of our relationship.We're perfectly happy just being together. This sounds a little funny since we're hardly apart from one another save for work. But that's precisely what it feels like. And I am glad that every free moment that I have involves this tall goofy man.