0226F: The Fault Lies Not In Our Stars...

Shallow blog topic today - the silly news about the zodiac changing once again.

I know that this had already made the social media rounds a year or so ago and we had everyone talking about either how their "zodiacs" fit their personalities better or how much they rejected their new signs. It was silly then and it remains silly now.

When I first read a few people talking about their new signs again, I ignored this as more social media stupidity. But when I finally noticed that some folks were claiming that it was NASA that had made the changes to the zodiac, well. I just wanted to laugh really, really hard.

First, the practice of astrology with its zodiac symbols came to be around the second century AD mainly because of the Babylonians. They're super old and it's no like there's a global body governing its continue practice and/or development.

Second, NASA deals with things of a scientific nature, mainly astronomy. Astrology is silly to them. Astronomy is not Astrology. Do not mix them up.

Third, please use your head when reading stuff on social media. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is. Stop being idiots. Stop buying into whatever narrative the media is crafting for you. This includes professional media and political influencers who are using social media to drive their goals.

Lastly, please stop being stupid. Please, please, please.