0226B: Weekend Choices

This weekend is the Metro Manila International Book Fair, which can be a crazy fun event for bibliophiles. More and more I find myself less inclined to go since we already have so many books and I leverage a lot of digital solutions thanks to my Kindle and of course comiXology. Plus the event has gotten increasingly crowded over the years, making the book-buying experience less enjoyable. And it's not like we find crazy amazing deals there since Fully Booked's periodic 20% off sales offer pretty much the same savings value. So we passed on the book fair this year.

Friday we did our best to catch up on rest and got good massages.

Saturday we played Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition with full table of players and had a lot of fun.

Today we just participated in a photo shoot at O Bar and we'll be heading off to a friend's place for board games.

Such are the makings of another great weekend for us. Ah the joys of the geeky life.