02269: Under Things, Tumbling

We grew up mostly without house help, so in time we all learned to do various chores. I started with wiping down the furniture and eventually graduated to gardening. I picked up washing dishes when I was old enough to be trusted not to cut myself with knives (yet it still happens from time to time) and so on and so forth.

But what I have always enjoyed the most is laundry.

Yeah, yeah, many may argue that I wouldn't enjoy laundry as much if I didn't get to use a washing machine. And that's rather true, handwashing is quite the pain and during my early working years I had to learn the hard way that its really not easy. But there's still something comforting about the whole process that just gets me.

Laundry is a multi-step process that can be pretty relaxing to get lost in. First you sort your clothes into loads based on color and the materials of the clothes to be washed. Then you set your machine to wash each load based on the various cycles you've mapped out based on the load type. Then you dry your clothes either by hanging them or using a dyer. Then you fold your clothes after drying or you set aside your ironing pile. Stow all the folded clothes and iron the ones that need ironing.

Doing your own laundry is a wonderful thing, but admittedly it's not quite as practical or as fun without the technology to help you along. Such is life.