02266: So Much to Do...

I'm currently reading Flex from the 'Mancer series and one of the main concepts from the book is that practioners of magic ('mancers) must deal with the immediate blowback of their actions when using said magic. Since magic defies the laws of Physics and is typically done to turn things around in your favor, sooner or later the karmic scales will demand to be balanced.

It feels all the more timely or perhaps even ironic that today's post-holiday workload felt just like that. Whatever sense of being relaxed from the weekend quickly disappated in favor of all the things that need to get done today. Sure, I could have alleviated my work load a bit had I opted to get some work done over the long weekend. But of course I didn't do that and so here I am trying to catch up with everything that needs to be done.

That's the working life for you. No matter how much you enjoy things, it will always feel pretty tiring at some point in your day and all you can do is make the most of the limited time that you have in order to see things through.