02262: Hello Weekend

Well this has been a heck of a week. Work has been busy, but reasonably so - or at least as reasonable as one can expect thing to be when you work in a digital marketing consultancy. What really complicated things was me catching the cough going around the office. The effects of the cough combined with the side-effects of taking a combination of cough medicines and asthma medicines left me feeling woozy on and off throughout the work week.

But it's finally Friday and I'm feeling somewhat better but still not 100% operational. And it's a long weekend given the religious holiday on Monday and its a holiday for both Singapore and the Philippines, which means Tobie and I both get the day off. That's a good thing indeed.

No big out of town plans or anything since that's just not our thing really. We have a few games planned and we're bound to end up at O Bar to hang out with friends. But beyond that we're bound to do our best to sleep as much as we can and accumulate as much rest and relaxation as possible.

May your weekend be good for you as well.

And live long and prosper.