02260: One Engine Down

This cough is getting more than a little annoying. Cough meds help keep it in check but my throat is starting to hurt now and there are moments I feel a little woozy. No fever yet, so that's a good sign, but I definitely feel under the weather. But at least I'm still keeping steady, more or less. Some systems are compromised but I still function.

I picked up some Strepsils to help with the occasional throat discomfort and I'm trying to gargle more as well. I have a decent enough bag of tricks to fight things like this but it doesn't mean I get to feeling fully functional. And when a lot of your work is brain work, you find that things like a cough with some weird feelings of lightheadedness and some nausea do not make for a fun day.

I still got things done, but I didn't get to finish everything that I had hoped to do today. But I'd like to think that I was at least able to prioritize things well enough.  And still more to do tomorrow.

I do hope I start to feel better before the weekend. I'd like to enjoy this long weekend to some extent. Just need to get that last engine running again.