0225E: Managing Sypmtoms

Late last week I appear to have picked up a bit of cough. And when you add a cough to an already besieged asthma condition, you get a generally annoying feeling. I'm glad that next Monday is a holiday since I could certainly use the time to rest a bit more, although I hope that my cough would have passed by then.

The cough is going around the office, so that presents the most obvious transmission vector. I really hoped that I wouldn't get the cough, but I still did so there. At first I was wondering if it was some sort of a sympathetic psychosomatic condition given Tobie and I are watching the entire series run of House on Netflix. You know how it is.

Thus far I'm managing the cough through medication, although waking up in the morning is pretty difficult as it usually means a mix of asthma symptoms and coughing and me unable to immediately determine which condition to treat first. In the end it means several asthma inhaler puffs and my next scheduled dose of cough meds to get through the worst of things.