0225B: Smaller Circles

There have been some changes in our gaming line-up as of late and a few friends have asked  how our gaming calendar has been given all that. But as is the way of things, the calendar remains as busy as ever. We've reached a point where Tobie and I are talking about making sure we save a date for ourselves just so that we still get some rest and quality time between the two of us. But hey, Tobie's always going to be pretty in-demand as a game master and I'm always happy to support him in this tabletop hobby.

If anything, the calendar has become more focused given those aforementioned changes and we now have more sessions with fewer people. And this is not a bad thing at all since this means investing more time in people who value your time and effort and are more of a like mind. This means you ultimately have more fun and that is the point of this hobby.

When you lose sight of the fun and bog things down with your own personal issues, well, then things start getting a little pointless. And I feel bad for people who revel in that sort of an environment. Gaming is a pretty serious hobby that requires game sessions that last several hours. If you don't like the people at the table for whatever reason, you're better off moving on.

And so we have. It's always a little sad, but there's little value in trying to try and change other people's minds when (1) they're convinced that they're absolutely right and (2) they expect you to come crawling back to them to return to their good graces. And that's not healthy at all.