02256: Thirty-Four

So I am 34 years old today. I'm one year away from moving to a new marketing age segment.


So we celebrated at O Bar on Friday night with a few close friends and it was pretty awesome. I wish some others had been able to make it, but of course the rains, the Friday night traffic and all the conventions this weekend kind of tied everyone's schedules up.

Sunday night was spent playing 7th Sea at a friend's place. I had the bonus benefit of giving her a sest of dice of her own, which is sort of a geek rite of passage for any gamer. I am forever thankful for a past gaming group that game me my first set of dice. I still game with them until today.

Today we stayed in a bit more before heading off to Circuit Makati to catch Red Turnip's staging of Tribes. Decently fun play but some odd bits of direction and Circuit as a whole is just such a strange venue.

It has been a generally quiet birthday, but still a good one. I can't really ask for more at this point.