02255: Another Fabulous O Bar Birthday

Given the rain, Friday night traffic and the long weekend, I wasn't expecting too many friends to be able to join us at O Bar last night as I celebrated my birthday with drinking, dancing, and drag queens. But a few close friends were still able  to make it, and that made for all the difference.

But even if nobody else had arrived, I was already thankful for the warm reception from our O Bar family itself. And by this I refer to the staff, performers and management of the one and only O Bar. They put in the extra effort to add in some numbers they knew I'd like such as a good number of a Kylie Minogue numbers and a surprise performance of You Gotta Get a Gimmick from the musical Gypsy. And man, I'm a sucker for Broadway performances. And I know tobie made sure to nudge our friends at the bar to pull all this off.

And they even got me a cake!

So yeah, last night was a crazy fun kick off to my official birthday weekend and I'm sure the rest of things will go pretty well. We have our 7th Sea game later tonight and the company of more good friends to celebrate with.

If anything, this year has been a big reminder that I don't need a lot of casual friends to have fun. It's more important to invest my time in a more select group of people who show a lot more love and appreciation for who we are and what we do.  Don't waste your time on people who don't value you in return.