02254: iFlix Explorations

As part of the Chromecast adventure, I've gotten back into exploring what iFlix has to offer in terms of entertainment. And while Netflix has a lot of great original shows that are quite compelling and engaging, the service isn't terribly good when you're looking for a movie to watch at random. The movie library made available to the Philippines is pretty limited.

And this is where iFlix may get a leg up give a slightly wider mix of foreign movies but also a pretty robust line-up of local movies, many of which had been featured at various film festivals and such. Just last night we watched Metro Manila with the rest of the Hashtag team at work and it's the sort of thing that I've generally wanted to see but haven't had a chance to get a copy of. So I'm liking the diversity of options and the fact they got a lot of the quirkier indie content.

Between the two services, who needs cable, right? So even if the weather puts a major damper on the weekend, at least we'll have something to watch.