02252: Considering More Robust Meal Plans

I don't cook as much as I used to. Nor does Tobie, unfortunately.

The rigors of the daily commute to and from Cubao combined with six months of special care for Yoshi kind of killed our cooking routine and we never managed to get back into the groove since then. I'm trying to keep that in mind as we enter September and I'm hoping we make things stick.

I'm also considering longer term meal preparation, meaning cooking a week's worth of meals during the weekend. My sister has shared a number of sites about that including this page about freezer meals, as they are called. It may be a better option in the long term to help us have healthier lunches, save a little money, and just be better.

I haven't really cooked for larger groups and the few times I've tried like during family Christmas cook-offs or when I've cooked for the folks at the office. It's pretty stressful and I don't quite have it in my head how to scale up for meals and cook more than what two particular people (me and Tobie, duh) can consume as a meal. We don't often have leftovers although we probably should have some.

I need to do more research into this subject and I need to consider if we have the equipment for this sort of thing and if we have enough freezer space at all. We have a rather modest fridge and it may be a good idea to level up should we decide to go all meal preparation crazy. But then should we wait until we move before we buy new appliances? Will we feel as tired if we lived closer to work, thus possibly no longer needing to compress cooking effort into the weekend?

So many questions.