0224C: A Busy Work Week Full of Work

Today has been a pretty busy day as part of a very busy work week. It seems like everyday there are all these things that we set out to get done that get waylaid by all these other things that demand to be done first. You do your best to manage all of these things and more and you still come out somewhat sane at the end of things.

I've now taken to going on PokéBreaks close to the end of my day around the time when your brain no longer seems to be working well and things stop making sense. These excursions around the area are really luck of the draw. Some days you get all these different times of Pokémon and it's pretty exciting. Other times you're only happy to refill your supply of Pokéballs since the streets are teeming with Pidgeys and Rattatas. Is this how life is inside the old Pokémon games? Life must suck there.

So I'm getting a lot of work done and I'm still playing Pokémon Go. That's your summary of this blog post. I also feel too tired to add much else.