0224B: Relocation Efforts

Seriously considering moving to the BGC/Taguig area since (1) it's a nice area and (2) it's closer to work for both me and Tobie. Okay it's still a given that it would mean Tobie still needing to drive into Makati, but getting to Makati from BGC on a daily basis can't possibly be as bad as getting to Makati from Cubao. I know I've talked about this on and off again for some time now, but now I'm really, really trying to figure this out.

I still have longer term dreams of finding a townhouse or any other moderately-sized home with actual land to call our own. But that's pretty difficult while in Metro Manila so for now we'll just have to stick to the condo life. But we really need to consider getting out of Cubao.
I keep saying that we're only considering moving since it all boils down to finding a place.

I think our main considerations are budget, security and pet friendliness. Of course it needs to be a place that we can afford and we know that we'll have to pay a lot more than what we're paying in Cubao. Security is always a big thing since we live in dangerous times. And lastly we have definite plans of getting a dog again in the future, so that has to be part of the plans. And while BGC generally seems like a pet friendly place, I'm sure there will still be the odd condo that will have a different idea of what's appropriate.

But man, how many times have I talked about looking for a new place to stay on my blogs, right? And we've been living in Cubao for over 7 years! But hey, moving to a new place is pretty serious and we feel like when we find the right place then we'll know for sure. We just haven't had that feeling just yet.